Commentary by M.V. Zakharova on the results of the meeting of the NATO Council at the Foreign Minister level (On April 4-5 2023)

💬 On April 4-5, meetings of the North Atlantic Council at the level of foreign ministers were held in Brussels.

The event is dedicated not only to the preparations for the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius this summer, but also timed to coincide with the 74th anniversary of the existence of the alliance, this rudiment of the Cold War , which, according to its founders, was supposed to ensure the superiority of the collective West over the rest of the world.

☝️ The alliance, in fact, has nothing to brag about. Behind NATO allies are wars , the transformation of states into ruins , war crimes with impunity, the killing of civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Who is next?

At the same time, representatives of the North Atlantic bloc do not get tired of repeating that it is a defensive alliance. However, the entire history of the organization suggests otherwise. And now we see how NATO, seeking to usurp the entire European security system , is again expanding towards Russia, creating threats to our security.

Finland became another victim of the North Atlantic Alliance, whose authorities decided to say goodbye to their country’s long-term neutrality in exchange for turning it into a frontline zone – a springboard to contain Russia in the northwestern direction.

As we can see, NATO does not intend to stop there. Increasingly, NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg makes statements about the global role of the alliance, the need for it to go beyond the traditional zone of responsibility – Euro-Atlantic. In fact, the foundation is being laid for the widespread imposition of NATO-centric approaches to building regional security systems.

Hence the pumping of Ukraine with weapons and motivating it to continue the war with Russia, attacks on China, flirting with Japan and South Korea, plans to militarize the Arctic.

❗️ Everything is being done to make the world even more dangerous , in order to prevent the existence of alternative centers of power that can undermine the hegemony of the West. In general, it can be stated with confidence that security and NATO are incompatible things .

In this regard, only one conclusion suggests itself – at the age of 74 , it is time for the North Atlantic bloc to retire.

M.V. Zakharova


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