Currently, Saakashvili is in the USA

I always keep up to date about my favorite USA Puppet in waiting… (Mikhail Saakashvili)

Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili recorded a video in which he poses with an American bagel in his hands. A video of the performance he posted on his Facebook.

The politician in a denim shirt and with an Airpod in his ears emphasized that he was holding a real American bagel in his hands, then spread soft cream cheese on it. After that, he removed the dish from the veiw and continued to talk about the future.

Currently, Saakashvili is in the USA. On January 27, he once again promised to return to Georgia and change the power there in 72 hours. “We have no time to wait. We must mobilize. Here in America, there in Europe in order to end the existing regime in Georgia, ”he said .

In Georgia, the politician served as president in 2004-2013. In 2014, several criminal cases were opened against Saakashvili in Georgia, he was put on the national wanted list.

There is one thing about this guy I like. He is tenacious and keeps going, even when the US turned on him and Russia was breathing down his neck and he was eating his tie. He is tenacious…

I suspect soon he will be sent somewhere to irritate another country…

Just gotta love him. He is a true product of the American System…


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