Deviating from the EU’s common policy towards Russia

By | April 8, 2015

The European Parliament’s president, Martin Schulz, has warned Athens against deviating from the EU’s common policy towards Russia.

The Greek government, Schulz has said, is calling upon its European partners for solidarity.

“For our part we can demand solidarity and guarantees that solidarity should not be discontinued as a result of unilateral deviation from common action,”  Schulz said.

And again said, “This is what he (Tsipras) should be guided by in Moscow. The European Union expects this of him as the head of government of one of the EU member-countries.”

Coffee-iconFear is running rampant in the EU today as Greece meets with Russia at the Kremlin. A meeting that is shuddering the world, as it waits for the outcome. Is this the beginning of the end of the EU? For no matter what, the EU will have lost its unity of common policy…

For that to happen is naught but a simple thing, as simple and easy as Russia buying fruits again from Greece…

Oh my, how powerful the Russian sanctions against the EU have become!

Food is money and the EU found that out the hard way…

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