Does anyone actually believe the Turks?

tactical_coffeeDoes anyone actually believe the Turks? Even the western Twinkies induced comatose people, should have a real hard issue believing what Turkey did was correct and moral.

Turkish military aircraft have pretty well violated the airspace of all of its neighbors.

Why Greece as an example: Data recorded by the Greek military has shown that Turkish aircraft violated its claimed airspace 2,244 times in 2014. By October of this year, Turkish aircraft had made 1,443 intrusions with the financially-weakened Greek military struggling to respond.

If all these countries being violated by Turkey shot down their planes for going where they have no right to be, there would no longer be a Turkish air force!

Turkey did not shoot down the Russian aircraft for violating its airspace, that was a excuse to cover its real reason. It wants to punish Russia for attacking its proxies (ISIS) in Syria.. and it uses NATO as a shield.

A shield the NATO countries are stupid to let Turkey use.. but then again most NATO countries and NATO itself is not exactly led by geniuses these days.

Time to wake up!

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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