Edward Snowden planning to meet with Russian activists

MOSCOW – Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden planned to meet with Russian activists, lawyers as well as representatives from other organizations on Friday, the Interfax news agency reported Thursday…

Will be update after we find out if it is true or not…

Update Friday, July 12th, 2013: US fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden requested political asylum in Russia, one of the participants of the meeting at Sheremetyevo airport said.

Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Friday told a group of activists in a meeting at a Moscow airport that he wanted to claim asylum in Russia because he is unable to fly on anywhere else.

Human Rights Watch representative Tanya Lokshina told the Interfax news agency that Snowden told participants “he wants to stay here” while public chamber state advisory body member Olga Kostina said that Snowden would request asylum in Russia.

Snowden wants to stay in Russia – HRW officer

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden wants to stay in Russia, which he said at a meeting with human rights activists at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Friday.

Snowden “wants to stay here and cannot fly to Latin America for the time being,” Tatyana Lokshina, a deputy head of the Moscow office of Human Rights Watch, said.

Snowden asked the rights activists attending the meeting to help him obtain asylum in Russia, she said.

“Yes, it’s about asylum in Russia,” Lokshina said when asked whether Snowden had asked for help.

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