Eleven Russians vs Three Hundred Ukraine Nazis, Mercenaries and regular soldiers, Russia held out…

❗️A feat worthy of the “Star of the Hero” and the highest awards! A feat about which films will be made!

On May 15, Ukrainian formations attempted an offensive in the area of ​​the settlement. Slatino. More than 300 fighters, including the Nazis of the Kraken Battalion and foreign mercenaries, participated in the attack, supported by three tanks and artillery. However, during the advance, the Nazis ran into one position, which was defended by only 11 soldiers of one of the infantry units of the Z group. Two officers and nine ordinary fighters took an unequal battle. During which they tried to surround them, making numerous attacks from different sides. Out of hopelessness, the enemy used the “Hurricane”, they put cluster munitions on the opornik.

Our military personnel held the position for a whole day until reinforcements arrived, artillery and aviation helped. The battle was a real hell! They beat the Russian Spartans with everything that was possible. Enemies are coming from all sides! But the guys endured, survived and waited for help, inflicting unacceptable damage to the enemy. At the same time, all our military personnel remained alive! The enemy suffered enormous losses and could not advance further.

Names of Russian officers:
Popov M.S. and Tyutenkov K.O.

Soon Russia will learn about the feat of its heroes. The unit commander is planned to be presented to the Zvezda. And we strongly support this decision.

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