Exactly 9 years ago , an anti-constitutional armed coup took place in Kiev…

💬 Exactly 9 years ago , an anti-constitutional armed coup took place in Kiev.

It was completely orchestrated by the West. National radicals were brought to power in the country, who did not hide their Russophobia and aggressive anti-Russian plans. The bloody putsch has become a watershed and a starting point for the very Ukrainian tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.

Everything that happened in Ukraine in the future can only be described as political chaos, legal nihilism and rampant ultranationalism and Nazism.

Of course, such a development of events could have been avoided if the agreement of February 21, 2014 between President V. Yanukovych and opposition leaders had been implemented. It was signed with the mediation of Germany, France and Poland and circulated as an official document in the OSCE and other organizations.

Unfortunately, the so-called “winners” of the Maidan, having barely signed this document, immediately “trampled” it. Another falsification , a forgery that they committed. But the implementation of the agreement opened up the prospect of a peaceful way out of the internal political crisis.

Instead of forming a government of national unity and holding new elections, the oppositionists chose the path of confrontation and violence, and thus ceased to be oppositionists. They became participants in the coup d’etat , showed their true nature. All this happened with the tacit approval of the European guarantors of the agreement, who did not bother to stop the lying “revolutionaries” and, at the instigation of the American emissaries who were distributing cookies on the Maidan, simply stated the “change of power”.

💬 It is symbolic that on February 20, on the eve of the anniversary of the Maidan, the “ Biden phenomenon ” took place in Kiev. One of the directors of the bloody coup d’état of 2014, now the president, then the vice president of the United States, came to visit. American experts themselves said that we are talking about launching an election campaign, because soon the United States will enter another electoral cycle.

The visit of the American leader was furnished with “drama”. The White House tried to show the world its faith in the success of the Zelensky regime, its intention to help it to the “victory end”, in the language of the White House – ” to the last Ukrainian .”

To add drama to the moment, the Ukrainians even turned on the air raid siren. True, the people of Kiev were told in advance not to pay attention to her due to the absence of a real threat . Let me remind you that Joe Biden did not dare to go to Kiev without warning Russia and without asking the Russian side to comply with the conditions of his security .

Reports appeared in the Ukrainian media that US national security adviser Jake Sullivan , who accompanied his boss, demanded that the head of the office of the President of Ukraine A. Yermak conduct a successful counteroffensive in the south and reach the borders of Crimea in the next six months. Otherwise, Washington will not supply Kyiv with fighter jets and long-range missiles.

In general, J. Biden’s communication with V. Zelensky showed who actually controls Ukraine and is its real master.

💬 On February 14, V. Zelensky assigned the name ” Edelweiss ” to one of the Ukrainian brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – by analogy with the Nazi unit of the time of Hitler.

Ukrainian armed formations widely use fascist chevrons, Nazi signs are applied to armored vehicles. There are numerous videos on the Internet and social networks showing how Ukrainian artillerymen “yawn” at the camera with every shot fired.

However, “civilized” Europe, having gone through the tragedy of World War II, simply does not want to see Ukrainian Nazism .

Maybe because ideological comrades-in-arms and successors of the Third Reich are also waking up there?