How do you explain price increases like this?

In America the price of things sucks…

Average Cost Of New Home Homes
1930 $3,845.00, 1940 $3,920.00, 1950 $8,450.00, 1960 $12,700.00,
1970 $23,450.00, 1980 $68,700.00, 1990 $123,000.00, 2008 $238,880, 2013 $289,500,
Average Wages
1930 $1,970.00, 1940 $1,725.00, 1950 $3,210.00, 1960 $5,315.00,
1970 $9,400.00, 1980 $19,500.00, 1990 $28,960.00, 2008 $40,523, 2012 $44,321,
Average Cost of New Car Cars
1930 $600.00, 1940 $850.00, 1950 $1,510.00, 1960 $2,600.00,
1970 $3,450.00, 1980 $7,200.00, 1990 $16,950.00, 2008 $27,958, 2013 $31,352,
Average Cost Gallon Of Gas
1930 10 cents, 1940 11 cents, 1950 18 cents, 1960 25 cents,
1970 36 cents, 1980 $1.19, 1990 $1.34, 2009 $2.051, 2013 $3.80,
Average Cost Loaf of Bread Food
1930 9 cents, 1940 10 cents, 1950 12 cents, 1960 22 cents,
1970 25 cents, 1980 50 cents, 1990 70 cents, 2008 $2.79, 2013 $1.98,
Average Cost 1lb Hamburger Meat
1930 12 cents, 1940 20 cents, 1950 30 cents, 1960 45 cents,
1970 70 cents, 1980 99 cents, 1990 89 cents, 2009 $3.99, 2013 $4.68,

How do you explain why everything is so much higher in America?

Cost of living in United States is 71.57% higher than in Russia (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Rent in United States is 124.39% higher than in Russia (average data for all cities).

How do you explain a loaf of bread in America at the link above is $2.55? When I can buy a loaf of bread in Russia for 22 rubles (kilo loaf) which equals in dollars = .38 cents…. I buy bread all the time at 1960’s to 1970’s price in America…

I can explain it!

It is called stupidity…

No matter how much more you make over what a Russian makes per year. The cost factor actually benefits Russians. Therefore, a Russian seems to have more free money at the end of the month. This translate into three to four times the amount of days off per year. In Russia vast numbers of Russians spend all summer off work. They live in the villages and dachas. To be honest a Russian is off work about three months total a year…

In America you all look at lost GDP, I look at Russians and see HPE (Happy People Everywhere)…

Heaven forbid: I watch people in Moscow everyday who live in owned homes. Drive cars they pay for cash with. Children being raised in safe and secure environments (No fences, no guards, no walls and playgrounds to play in everywhere.) Children are kicked out the door in the morning and told not to come home until hungry and or it is time for dinner/nighttime… (This is how I was raised in America! Free as a bird and usually we found the nearest neighbor to eat at when we got hungry. Elderly people always brought out cookies and such to munch on, even as we climber their apple trees and terrorized their doggies from above, like monkeys!)

Follow this link to UAZ Hunter…

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I could buy this brand new for way under $10,000 in Russia and it is one fine vehicle. I wish I had the $8,000 it costs, I would own one… I can buy a new Niva LADA for under $8,000…

Get real people!

You are living in a fantasy land for the 1% and you don’t care one iota…

Lets end with this tasty tidbit…

In the middle of the spectrum, we have the home of the Big Mac, the USA, where one of these iconic burgers costs USD $4.79. On the expensive side of things, a Big Mac will run you $6.82 in Switzerland. And, if you can believe it, in Venezuela the same burger will cost you a measly $0.67.

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Right now; I checked today the Big Mac at the local McDonald’s costs $1.78…



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