Father Parthenius Orthodox killed in shelling not long after an interview…

🕯 An Orthodox priest Father Parfeniy (Parthnenis), the head of the church in Mikhailovka, who gained renown for his humanitarian efforts as well as sheltering refugees, was killed in a shelling by the Ukrainian Army.

A caring and pious ecclesiastic, he died from a shrapnel wound while the settlement was under fire from Ukranian MLRS on May 3.

This is what he told the media in an interview not long before his demise 👇

💬 Apparently, they [Ukrainian military and nationalists] intended not to defend the city, but to destroy it.

And they did so deliberately, with quite the success.

There is simply no other explanation.

They were shelling the city from Metyolkino. There were no Russian troops or any Lugansk militia there at the time.

So the shelling can be regarded as a sort of gunning down the entire city.

I think their priority is to destroy the infrastructure, so that’s why they’re targeting schools.

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