Finally news that makes a coffee lover smile…

It is no secrete that I just simply love coffee and any news that tells me that sipping that cup of coffee is good for me, well that is good news, no matter what anyone else thinks…

A year after California considered putting cancer warning labels on coffee, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has given java a glowing review in the newly-released World Cancer Report 2020.Amidst the chapters about genetic and socioeconomic risk factors for cancer, the researchers of the report, released roughly every five years, noted that there is evidence suggesting coffee reduces the risk of certain cancers. “Recent research suggests that coffee consumption may lower the risk of liver cancer and endometrial cancer,” the authors wrote.

Source: World Cancer Report suggests coffee reduces risk of certain cancers – Insider

Now if we can just get a report that says, “Coffee will make you immortal!”

Someday, yes someday drinking coffee will make you live for ever. Maybe if I drink enough coffee, I can still function after my body dies. You know caffeine is a stimulant?

Okay, well I can dream…


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