Flight MH-17?

Why do you not question; Why they (west) seemed to be able to instantly post about the indecent and the bodies had not stopped falling out of the sky? Then; Why did they accuse (Putin) with no evidence and now they are silent with evidence available to what happened? Then; Why do we lie and then run away?

I am kinda getting tired of waiting, but waiting I will do and when the information comes out, I will study it. But why the heck is all the information about Flight MH-17, being squelched and hidden now?

All of it…

Why does Kiev has not presented the recordings between the air traffic controllers and the crew of the downed Malaysia Airlines passenger airplane?

Why was the MH-17 black box sent to a country with a proven track record of deceit and lies? (Britain? Seriously Britain!)

Why does it take so long to analyze? (They had all they needed to know several hours after getting the data downloaded from the black boxes! Therefore it does not take a long time!)

Why the full presentation of recordings from the black boxes, has been held up and maybe presented in September and just a preliminary at that point only? (See above question!)

Why were Ukraine fighter jets flying around the airliner?

Why is Russia the only country, which has officially provided the international community with the data, related to the incident as received through their collection apparatuses?

Why is there a lack of progress and “little enthusiasm” shown by many countries in the international investigation, and pointed ignoring of Russia’s pointing to attempts by others to hide evidence and hamper the implementation of the July 21 resolution adopted by the UN Security Council over MH-17?

Why did they directed the Malaysian plane MH-17 into the conflict zone?

I have a dozen more, Whys…

We all know why and we all know that if the evidence pointed at all to who the west wanted it to point to, then they would be screaming like a child who lost his sucker and they would have a kanipshin fit, 24 hours a day. Instead they shut up and went away to play somewhere else. Like spoiled brats who do not want to hear the truth…

Are we asking why?

Post by Kyle Keeton
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