For the enemies of Russia, the morning does not start with coffee…

He sips coffee to relax after he gets his job started. Someone get him a cup of coffee please…

The first hour of General Armagidon’s work is now on display all over Ukraine and the first cup of coffee has not even been brewed…

Missiles raining upon Ukraine and it has just started…

47 – Nikolaev region
60 – in Kiev
15 – in Lviv
27 – in the Vinnitsa region
20 – in Kharkov
15 – in Odessa region

New General for a new stage of war…

Appointed as the new commander of SMO, Surovikin received carte blanche for everything: the use of any means other than nuclear weapons; defeat of any targets, including infrastructure ones, without restrictions and regard for collateral losses; use of the mobilised resource in any available quantities..

Welcome the new war boss, “The Hammer” as I call him, the nice boss has done his job and did it well and NATO will wish him to come back…

They messed with the wrong guy,
Army General S.V. Surovikin, the new overall commander of the SMO:

“For the enemies of Russia, the morning does not start with coffee.”

Amen to that…

And Kadyrov has a message…

Zelensky complains about arrivals in Kyiv and other cities.

And how did you, sucker-Zelensky, think: you can, but others can’t?

That is, for eight years it was possible to bomb civilians, destroy the infrastructure of the cities of the LDNR, cover a nuclear power plant with shells, blow up bridges, fire at important objects, but when it came to your head, suddenly it became impossible for anyone?

We warned you, Zelensky, that Russia hasn’t really started yet, so stop complaining like cheap stuff, but better, run before it arrives. Run, Zelensky, run without looking back towards the West.

Now I am 100% satisfied with the SMO.



Time for Ukraine to pay the piper and revisit the stone ages…


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