Forever Nevermore

By | August 12, 2017

We mandate and dictate the world through the dollar. The dollar is made robust because oil is exchanged in dollars, for most of the worlds transactions. If oil was not exchanged in dollars, the US would collapse financially… (Simplified, but accurate enough as a statement…)

Venezuela is one of a group (Iran, Russia, China, Brazil, etc.) That has been going around the dollar system. Libya and Iraq were promoters to leaving the dollar system, and you saw what happened to Hussein and Qaddafi…

We America – is, are, has been, will be, trying to and enjoying dealing with Brazil and Venezuela economically in a destructive way for a long time now. We are surrounding Russia militarily, attacking Russia financially and we are doing everything we can to keep China indebted, corrupted and now threatening China militarily on the open seas, this is just to ice the Chinese cake. We are trying to cut Russian oil and gas shipments off to the EU. But to do this we must force the EU to buy very expensive LPG shipped in boats over seas. Other words; we are telling our allies to bend over and be happy we love you long time…

The goal is too crush competition, rape and pillage the vanquished. But now there is a giant gorilla smashing the china shop within our own borders and we need all the penny assets we can get our hands on, so we can keep loaning ourselves some more debt, against the broken china shop to keep this ponzi scheme alive…

Therefore, no country is too small anymore that we will not invade and try to steal their assets. Just as America removed Ukraine’s gold to a safe haven. 😉

Ukraine just like Libya found its gold forever nevermore……. 🙁


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