From Russia: Georgia Wants and Gets a USA Military Base?

Hello,Windows to Russia!

It seems that the Bush administration is signing up some last minute surprise issues for Obama. The new administration is going to have a whole slew of interesting promises made to the Eastern world and it is going to take lots of USA money to satisfy these promises.

Seems that everyday a new promise for help or military assistantship comes out of a ex CIS country. No, it is not help from Russia, it is help from the collapsing economy of the USA. As (your and my) tax dollars in the USA go down the giant money hole, the America Government keeps promising and spending untold billions in Ukraine, Georgia and other CIS countries.

The latest and next issue that has come up is the building of a Military base by America in Georgia. Georgia wants to lease land to the US for as long as 90 years and several thousand hectares of land will be allocated – rent-free – Also our buddy Saakashvili has paid US$ 3 million to lobby support for himself from the new Obama – American administration. (We give billions and he gives millions back!) This according to Georgia is in the basket and signed.

Russia has enough to worry about keeping things in line over here. The last thing that Russia needs is a Georgia with a Military base manned by Americans.

I wish that America would keep her tax money back home and help America!

Kyle & Svet

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