From Russia: Good Deal Time on a Pickup Truck From Russia! ("the anti-crisis offer truck")

GAZ Gazelle – Farmer Light Truck – Good Deal Time!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and looking at the trucks for sale in Moscow, Russia. I came across some really good deals and was happy at the results of my investigation until I found this article on a $6000 new GAZ truck called “The Anti Crises Offer!” (Made me really Happy then.)

GAZ Group is implementing programs to stimulate sales. Specifically, these programs provide for expanding exports (2009 export revenue forecast – 11 bln rubles), increasing sales of spare parts and services (revenue forecast – 10 bln rubles), and a more active work with corporate clients – about 25% of commercial sales revenues. The company will focus on high-profit margin products and is prepared to make a special “anti-crisis offer” to the market in 2009 – low-cost products, including (Gazelle) GAZel-Farmer light commercial vehicle priced at the equivalent of $6,000, Ural truck at 1,120,000 rubles (1,400,000 rubles in 2008), DZ-98 auto-grader at 3,700,000 rubles (4,620,000 rubles in 2008), EK-12 excavator at 1,870,000 rubles (2,330,000 rubles in 2008), Euro-3 standard engine UMZ-4216 at 25,000 rubles (37,000 rubles in 2008), among others. Prices will be cut up to 20% for a number of products and this will become a major factor in stimulating sales at the time when price is a deciding factor among consumer preferences”. (Link)

The GAZ (GAZel) Truck is a really good truck and price that I have found before this has run around $8,000 – $10,000 but now it is a even better and fantastic deal.

Russia does not have what you in America expect as a pickup truck. This is the equivalent in Russia.

<--- (Truck to left would be perfect!) The designers in Russia of the GAZelle truck did their best to make driving as comfortable as possible. The front disk brakes, power steering and small turning radius enable the trucks to be highly maneuverable even in that urban high-density traffic that Moscow, Russia is well known for. The interior design is basic but wears like iron. Easy maintenance and sturdy design, the robust GAZ (Gazelle) truck is becoming the truck of choice for either a city businessmen or a farmer for which it is often an all-purpose vehicle.

The cargo bed may carry cargo of up to 1,500kg. With a low bed to ground clearence, loading the truck is no problem. Weather protection is ensured by a canopy top or a hard shell for more money.

You see these trucks running all over the place in Russia and delivering goods all over Moscow, Russia. They will move down the highway at a fair pace. I hear also that they use a Andoria diesel engines.

That is all for now, that is a lot of solid truck for $6000 dollars… (New)

Kyle and Svet

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