From Russia: Good Weekend Not to Mess Around Downtown Moscow!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

When – January 31st, 2009!
Why- Rallies!

I keep an eye on the rallies that are held downtown Moscow. When you get a busy weekend of rallies then that means stay away from the center. This is going to be a big weekend for rallies. 10 approved rallies. So far no unapproved have been announced. These rallies are all sanctioned and there should not be any problems but they just make the center of Moscow crowded and no fun. Moscow has enough people running all over it with out having 10 rallies planed. So a look at some of who will hold approved demonstrations and rallies…

Looks like the Red Square will be busy with extra security because: The Communist Party will also hold a demonstration in support of Lenin’s Mausoleum situated on Red Square in Moscow. They are insisting that the Soviet leader remain in the mausoleum despite demands that the body be buried at a cemetery.

The Communist party is very large so this could have a lot of people. Then it looks like another political party not as large…

The ultra-nationalist LDPR party will gather on Pushkin Square to protest against price rises amid the current global crisis. Up to 300 people are expected to participate in a number of their smaller demonstrations scattered around the center of Moscow.

So while the LDPR is voicing there opinions about the economy, another coalition that includes:

Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov’s United Civil Front umbrellaed with The Other Russia and at the same time The Other Russia opposition coalition has decided to hold a “Day of Dissent” in Moscow on January 31 with demonstrations to be held simultaneously across Moscow at 2:00 p.m. (11:00 GMT).

While This would seem to be enough to keep anyone busy:

The biggest rally on Saturday will be organized by the ruling United Russia party on Moscow’s Manezh Square in support of the anti-crisis measures undertaken by the Russian government. Some 5,000+ people are expected to attend the rally.

As you can see all the other rallies are planned in conjunction with the Biggest rally. So being that all rallies are sanctioned and they have all done their home work and will be good boys and girls! Right?

Lets hope so, people need to learn to express themselves with out destroying things or starting fights. They have all done the correct thing and filed permits to hold a rally. Now lets hope they conduct the rally within the rules and regulations.

Moscow has announced 7,500 police and military personnel have been brought in to compensate for the huge increase in people expressing their opinion on life.

Could be fun in the heart of Moscow…

Kyle & Svet

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