From Russia: It is a Good Day In Kiev!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

It is really neat today to see Kiev wake up from the coma that no gas brought on. Today for the first time in 5 days the smoke stacks of factories are puffing vapor into the air. The people are running around all over the place instead of huddled by fires and electric heaters.

Now you can find heat all over the city and the steam is rising out of the manhole covers again. (You never miss something like that until it goes away.) I can burn myself on the steam heaters in the room again and hot water is really hot. 🙂

I hope that Europe has the same experience because it was no fun wearing all your shirts, pants, socks and sleeping with three blankets.

I feel sorry that Europe had to go through a gas shortage and really hope that it never happens again.

It is a good day in Kiev!

The gas is flowing again.

Kyle & Svet

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