From Russia: The Oldest Woman Alive? (Sahan Dosova from Kazakhstan)


&0000000000000130.000000&0000000000000043.000000“Update: Sahan Dosova has passed away and was – 130 years, 43 days old at the time of her death on May 9 2009″ (Link)

May she rest in peace!Windows to Russia!

While drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia and I received an e-mail from a good reader – named Blackseabrew. He pointed out a link that at the time he sent it to me it was a good link. I found that the link had been pulled later by BBC and then pulled by several other Western presses. So I went to the Eastern press side in Russia and wallah, there she was and is! 🙂

So on this Easter in Russia we will talk about a woman (Sahan Dosova) who is not being recognized as the oldest living woman on earth because when she was born, they did not have such things as a birth certificate…

Kazakhstan after checking her out, does support the claim that she is 130 years old. But the world will not support the claim because she was never issued a official birth certificate!

Oops – they did not have such thing 130 years ago in Kazakhstan. She has a official one now but it is based on unknown facts because no one is around who was alive at that time. 🙂

We know of more than a few that do not have birth certificates on this side of the world. So we know that this is an issue for many.

Another thing that they bring up against her is that she was 54 when she had her last child. That is very possible and has happened many times in history for a woman in her 50’s to have a child.

All we can say is: She is old and makes us feel like young kids. 😉

So more power to her and we do not care what everyone says. She looks like a wonderful lady.

May Sahan Dosova have a wonderful Easter and live many many more years…

Kyle and Svet

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