Orthodox Christmas in Russia on the 7th of January

Merry Orthodox Christmas!

Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas

I was drinking my cup of coffee and started to think about the Russian Orthodox Christmas. In Russia this is the actual Christmas. The 6th of January is Christmas Eve and the 7th is Russian Orthodox Christmas…

I get confused by all these holidays this time of the year. I just accept them and be happy that we have so many times to celebrate. By the way, Santa Clause (Ded Moroz), does not deliver presents at this Real Orthodox Christmas…

Is There A Santa Claus in Russia? (Audio)

Oh, by the way, here are the Russian holidays in a table…

Dec 31 – Jan 8New Year holidays. The most popular holiday in Russia. Russians make presents to each other. Celebrate at night from December 31 up to January 1 morning. Attention! New Year holidays will last from December, 31 to January, 8. January, 9 is a working day. (?)
January 7Russian Orthodox Christmas – Real Christmas
January 13 EveRussian Old New Year. Its not an official holiday, but most of Russians celebrate it. Fireworks all over again.
February 23The Motherland Defender’s Day. Former Soviet Army Day. Women make presents to men. Official holidays will last from February, 20 to February, 23. February, 24 is a working day.
March 8International Women’s Day. Don’t forget to make a present (flowers) to women Attention! In 2011 Official holidays will last March, 6-8. March, 9 is a working day.
EasterEaster (floating date)
in 2020 – April 19
in 2021 – May 2
in 2022 – April 24
in 2023 – April 16
in 2024 – May 5
in 2025 – April 20
May 1, 2Labor Day
May 9Victory Day. Russians celebrate Victory in in World War II (1941-1945).
June 12Russia Day or Independence Day
November 4Day of People’s Unity

Have a bunch of nice holidays…


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