From Windows to Russia: Lets Talk Censorship in Ukraine Internet.

Hello,Windows to Russia!

If I get shut out of the Internet while in Ukraine you will know why. Ukraine is doing major anti Russian censorship of its media in all forms. At this point we can not receive any form of YouTube videos, RIA Novosti, Russian Government blog and many many ru sites. BBC is available on line but all articles that have to do with Russia and gas are removed and or blocked. We can not even search the BBC website. Now we have full access to CNN and Time Western News. The gas articles are slanted in Ukraine favor and we get all Western media just fine.

Seems Ukraine is trying to cover the gas issues by keeping the word from spreading by all media means.

Can anyone say “Censorship”?

The article after this one gives some very good information on what is happening in Ukraine with the gas issue.

Kyle & Svet

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