Geneva, November 17, 2022 & IAEA Board of Governors on November 17…

Everyday the Collective West shows it’s true colours to the East. Everyday the East realizes the evil that the west has become is irreversible…


🎙 Speech by the Head of the Russian Delegation, Deputy Director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry K.V. Vorontsov at the Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on “Inhumane” Weapons within the Right of Answer on the Situation in Ukraine

📍 Geneva, November 17, 2022

💬 K.V.Vorontsov: Considering that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are throwing these mines in cities and villages far in the rear, they pose a threat not to soldiers at all.

They are specially designed for civilians, especially children, who are at risk of stepping on or picking them up out of curiosity.

☝️ This is done with only one purpose – to cause physical and psychological harm to civilians in the regions who were not afraid to express their will and became part of the Russian Federation. However, Western countries, specialized NGOs (including the ICRC) and Western media prefer to remain silent about this.


⚡️At the meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors on November 17 this year. an unprofessional, factually flawed resolution that went beyond the Agency’s mandate was adopted on nuclear safety, nuclear security and safeguards in Ukraine

🔵 This is another step towards the politicization of the work of the IAEA

🔵 It is gratifying that the countries in which most of humanity lives refused to support this project

❌ Russia and China voted against

❗️Vietnam, India, Kenya, Namibia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa abstained

📌 The delegations of Burundi and Libya did not participate in the voting


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