Gonzalo Lira: Opinion by Maria Zakharova

“Only the guilty fear judgement,” Gonzo had written in his Twitter bio. “Only liars need stifle the truth.”

⚡️ #Opinion by Maria Zakharova

💬 Gonzalo Lira, a video blogger, author and famous film director and a citizen of Chile and the United States, has not been in contact since April 15 after he went missing in Kharkov. He was where the action was, actively commenting on the events in Ukraine, first in Kiev and later in Kharkov. He honestly and professionally reported about the causes of the crisis and the ongoing outrages, including the Nazis’ atrocities. His video reports have helped many people in the West see the truth. The far-right radicals hated what he did and he started receiving threats.

The liberal queers and “honest” Western journalists, which is often one and the same, echoed the neo-Nazis’ threats. And now these “members of the public” are merrily discussing Gonzalo’s disappearance and are openly threatening their colleagues who dare to speak out openly about the events in Ukraine without mincing words.

‘Patrick [Lancaster], you next,” tweeted a transgender journalist from Las Vegas, who is reporting from Kharkov and often takes photos with the thugs from the so-called territorial defence forces.

They are doing their best to cancel and cross out those who disagree with them.

Sergey Korotkikh, aka Botsman, a chieftain of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, has hinted that his neo-Nazi confederates could be involved in Gonzalo’s disappearance: “It is ironic that Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean, has been captured by the man whose alias is Chile. Anyway, hope to see a beheading video on Telegram soon.” How do you like that? Incidentally, Chile is one of those who murdered and tortured Russian servicemen.

The tweet has been deleted, because Lira is a US citizen, but nothing can be deleted from the internet without a trace.

This is fresh proof that the cannibalistic liberal logic is so closely interconnected with the Nazi ideology that it is sometimes impossible to tell which is which. This is indicative.

P.S. We sincerely hope that the media mayhem raised by Azov Nazis and Western propagandists is nothing more than theatrics and that Gonzalo and his family are all well.



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