Gorbachev: U.S.A. Promises Cannot Be Trusted!

I found this interesting article in 2008 about an interview with Mikhail Gorbachev. It was done with The Daily Telegraph and it holds true as we look at the USA, 6 years later. I have to say that I find very little that Gorbachev tells the reality in and for some reason, this particular time he told the truth to a western press. Normally the western press has been undulated with his expressions of how things had to be the way they were and he did the best he could. The fact is that he knows in his heart that he sold the Soviet Union down the drain…

MOSCOW, (RIA Novosti 07/05/2008) – Promises made by U.S. leaders cannot be trusted, former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph published on Wednesday.

“The Americans promised that NATO wouldn’t move beyond the boundaries of Germany after the Cold War, but now half of central and eastern Europe are members, so what happened to their promises? It shows they cannot be trusted,” he said in Paris.

He also said that Washington’s claims that a missile defense system it is planning to build in central Europe was aimed exclusively at countering the threat from so-called rogue states could not be believed either.

The Pentagon’s missile shield deployment plans continue to be a major bone of contention in relations between the U.S. and Russia. Moscow considers the project a threat to its national security.

Gorbachev said the missile shield plan jeopardized world peace and could lead to a new Cold War.

He continued that that “erecting elements of missile defense is taking the arms race to the next level. It is a very dangerous step”.

“I sometimes have a feeling that the United States is going to wage war against the entire world,” the former Soviet leader said.

“The United States cannot tolerate anyone acting independently. Every U.S. president has to have a war,” he concluded, also saying that the world had squandered the chance in the decade after the Cold War to “build a new world order.”

This next article is about what Gorbachev said recently…

Moscow Times: (Mar. 19 2014) Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has defended Russia’s takeover of Crimea, saying that the referendum among the peninsula’s voters corrected a historical “mistake.”

“While Crimea had previously been joined to Ukraine based on the Soviet laws, which means [Communist] party laws, without asking the people, now the people themselves have decided to correct that mistake,” Gorbachev said on Monday, Interfax reported.

“This should be celebrated, not sanctioned,” he said.

I bet you never heard that Gorbachev spoke for the Crimea issue and not against it, but them I am hearing many voices in the west saying that Crimea has a right and we need to stop the crap. These voices are being squelched all over the world, for the games were played and the west does not want anyone to think that they are wrong…

No matter what the cost and how much they pay…

Makes you think…..

Post by Kyle Keeton
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