Greatest Show on Earth happens November 3rd, 2020

No butter on my popcorn please: (Not good for you!)

Is the USA going to supply the butter for the worlds popcorn?

MOSCOW, October 8. /TASS/. The upcoming US presidential elections could be potentially be destabilizing for the country, while no one in the world needs more turbulence and uncertainty, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin told TASS Thursday.

“The risks you are mentioning do exist. It is not a secret,” he responded to a relevant question.

“We and the whole world in general do not need additional turbulence, no one needs domestic political instability [in the US], considering that the US is a nuclear power. Therefore, we will be hoping for the best,” the intelligence chief underlined.

According to Naryshkin, American experts point out that the losing side is highly likely to reject the election results and challenge them. This will, in turn, create more turmoil in society which is already highly agitated now.

“Speaking of our attitude towards these events, we naturally would like to see the US elections to be held fairly, transparently, smoothly and in accordance with all international standards so that the international community can agree with the election results,” he concluded.

The 2020 United States elections are scheduled for November 3. Nationwide, American citizens will go to the polls to elect 435 representatives to the House, 35 senators out of 100 to the Senate, and the President and Vice President of the United States. Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are vying for the highest office in the land. In addition, voters will head to the ballot boxes to decide on 13 US state and territorial governorships, and numerous other local elections will be held.

Source: US could be destabilized following elections, says Russian intelligence chief – World – TASS

Greatest Show on Earth happens November 3rd, 2020

From Russia the USA is all about Soap Opera…

Lets hope the soap opera stays only at the (USA) home front?

America….please just let the world eat their popcorn and watch, as you melt down into a puddle of butter…

Is the USA going to supply the butter for the worlds popcorn?


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