“High Treason” – Russian scientist Anatoly Gubanov?

Not often?….and actually not at all!….in all the years that I have posted on WtR, have I been able to look into a situation like this below…

MOSCOW, December 3. /TASS/. Moscow’s Lefortovo District Court has ruled to arrest Russian scientist Anatoly Gubanov suspected of high treason, Court Press Secretary Darya Rozmakhova told TASS on Thursday.

So lets do some tidbit research:

Russia’s Criminal Code – “Article 275, High Treason” is only possible by a Russian citizen in only three ways:

1. Transmission by a Russian citizen of state secrets to a foreign state or an international or foreign organization or its representatives, if the citizen had access to such information.

2. Espionage: the transfer, collection, theft, or storage of information constituting state secrets for the purpose of transmission.

3. Providing financial, logistical, advisory, or other assistance in activities against the security of the Russian Federation.

Extra Tidbit: If dual citizenship? (Eg; As in one passport Russian & the other Israeli.) They will always be tried as a Russian citizen foremost. High treason is punishable by imprisonment of 12 to 20 years.

Therefore, since this has been drawing my attention and interesting me? I will be looking at what this “High Treason” situation is all about?

WtR – and most likely many tidbits to be posted about this case?

1. Tidbit: “According to the investigation, Gubanov handed over secret aviation development data abroad,” the source stated, without providing any details of the criminal case or specifying the foreign countries involved, as the case materials are top secret.

2. Tidbit: Coming soon…

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