Hmm….Poland buys Russian Gas but more expensive and through Germany. What is it with these idiots?

Poland still buying Russian gas – Gazprom

Poland continues to buy Russian natural gas from Germany via reverse flows, after its direct supplies were suspended due to non-payment in rubles, Russia’s energy giant Gazprom has said.

Gazprom announced a complete halt of gas exports to Poland Wednesday in line with a new payment mechanism launched earlier this month. According to Gazprom, supplies will not resume until Warsaw complies with the new terms. Deliveries to Bulgaria were also halted, for the same reason.

Poland raised its bid for reverse gas supplies from Germany fivefold Wednesday, data from the German operator of the gas transmission network Gascade showed.

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🇵🇱 Poland continues to buy Russian gas.

Only now not directly, but by reverse from Germany. This was announced by a representative of Gazprom.

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