A Hot Towel Luxury In Russia: Can you imagine that?

Everyday in Russia I use something that is very important to me now. When I lived in America I never dreamed that I would have such a thing to use everyday. The only time that I ever saw such a luxury device was at very expensive hotels as I traveled America and the World.
What am I talking about?
I am talking about a hot water heated towel bar. So far out of the three places that I have lived in or near Moscow Russia. We have a heated towel bar in the bathroom…
In America that simple device was not even considered an addition much less a necessity. It is not pretty, but it is wonderful. There is nothing like having a warm towel to dry yourself with after a shower. Or what better way to dry some cloths real quick…
I am sure that people have them in america. But for me, in all my life. I never had such a thing in my bathroom.

Of course we do not have such a device in our village but I have seen at the store, electric ones for those who can not live without… 🙂
Now you know a little more about Russia!
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