How come Russia did it? But we, the US Administration desired it

By | November 21, 2017

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Grandma would have said, “Takes two to tango!”

She was a smart lady and as long as the press does not ask the correct questions, we will never get to the tangling tango…

That is what is wrong with the press and what the western press wants you to not see, hear and understand…

Russia has only the options to do deals as they are presented by the desired recipients. In this case during the Obama administration, with Hillary dancing with Obama in a one sided tango….games were being played. Yet we want to point fingers at Russia for playing the games. Remember it takes two to tango and if a bribe is needed, the other side will supply it when it is demanded and implied…

America buys off countries all the time….is it so hard to accept that America can be bought?

Hmm….it is a mirror looking moment…

Russia made us take money?


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