How many times I question the Admin of the USA? Infinitely is the answer…

This is really a great exchange and it really does expose the core of the issue within the USA and her Administration… (Trust U.S. –  Have we ever lied to you?)

MR PRICE: Good afternoon. We have previously noted our strong concerns regarding Russian disinformation and the likelihood that Moscow might create – seek to create a false flag operation to initiate military activity. Now, we can say that the United States has information that Russia is planning to stage fabricated attacks by Ukrainian military or […] – Source: Department Press Briefing – February 3, 2022 – United States Department of State

When you lie so much that all you do and have done for years is lie? The questions asked sooner or later all have to point back to asking about “The Lies”. Then you are then faced with either lying about lies and or telling the truth about how you lied….and yet ironically no one believes you when you actually tell the truth, because you always lie, so you decide to keep lying and lying and lying….when all everyone wanted in the first place was for you to tell the truth!

Trust U.S. –  Have we ever lied to you?