How to say it in Russian?

Small English-Russian Dictionary from Svet

Part I

The idea of small English-Russian Dictionary comes to us after we analyze what people look for about Russia. Very often they wanted to know something very easy and nice like “I love you!” or “Happy Birthday!”

How to say it in Russian?
English word How Russians would write it How Russians would pronounce it
Hello! Здравствуйте! Zdravstvujte!
Hi! Привет! Privet!
Nice to see you! Рад(а) тебя видеть! Rad(a) tebya videt!
Thank you! Спасибо! Spasibo!
Take care! Береги себя! Beregi sebya!
Best wishes! Всего наилучшего! Vsego nailuchshego!
I love you! Я тебя люблю! Ya tebya lyublyu!
Happy Birthday! С Днём Рождения! S Dnyom Rozhdeniya!