I guess I am too damn old and remember lots of issues from the old days that have been fixed by vaccines

I guess I am too damn old and remember lots of issues from the old days that have been fixed by vaccines…

Polio, Mumps, Tetanus, Rubella, Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Whooping Cough, Papillomavirus….to name just a few…

So if life is better because of vaccines, how did so many get to be so backwards as to become Anti-Vaxxers?

What? Would you refuse to take the Polio Vaccine?


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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3 thoughts on “I guess I am too damn old and remember lots of issues from the old days that have been fixed by vaccines

  1. blackseabrew – I have said the Corona was man made from the beginning and never changed my mind. I have my details about where it came from and have said what I know is correct. Except we failed in our attempt to mess up things and keep status quo…

    Yet everyone always looks at the surface info and no one follows the money and where it all started from. To late now to worry about that.

    Stay safe and you should have grabbed that Russian woman years ago…

  2. blackseabrew – Well when I talk about a vaccine for this Coronavirus, I talk about Sputnik V and it is not the same as what is being used in the USA and west for the most part. Yet Russians have their western backed liberal group demanding that western vaccines are used in Russia also. I will stay with what I know works and I am soon to be re-vaccinated again. Sveta has already had her second round of Sputnik V. Russia has a new booster vaccine and it works also.

  3. The problem I have with modern vaccines is that they are marketed as if mother nature’s immune system doesn’t exist. Typically when we get ill our immune system responds and develops antibodies that are broadbased in their response to future variants. At their best, the current crop of gene therapies that target what we call coronavirus(SARS-COV-2) are akin to looking through a straw ten feet away from the side of a barn. With the area seen through the straw as what the gene therapies protect against and the entire barn representing the breadth of coronaviruses. This family of viruses, of which there are many, can and will mutate. So if you are one of the 99.9% who survives COVID, you will have a very broad-based immunity according to many many physicians. If you get the gene therapy, they will not protect you from later variants…as Israel is finding out with over 50% of the latest infections are people who were fully vaccinated.

    Of course with the latest revelations of Fauci’s emails, it’s obvious that the disease we’re facing was man made. The now-studied gene sequences are NOT naturally occuring. At best it escaped from the Wuhan lab. At worst it was set free deliberately. Even more revealing is that hydroxychloriquine and ivermectin are very effective treatments. But that had to be suppressed in order to receive the Emergency Use Authorization for the gene therapies. Politics politics politics and a lot of money. Money that I pay as a taxpayer.

    So that brings me to my father, a truly great gentle man. Who passed on April 9th to this man-made plague. I’m upset. I had hydroxychloriquine and could have given it to him if the public had been told that HCQ was acceptable. I could have purchased ivermectin easily from any vet. But we weren’t told. I don’t espouse violence but to offer a quote from the movie ‘Rob Roy’. “Not all sins in this life go unpunished.”

    At this point I simply don’t want to play their game. No gene therapy for me. HCQ once a week. Plenty of Vitamin D and Zinc/Selenium.

    The left in the USA has usurped the Democratic Party and walks the USA towards a mixed bag of marxism, socialism, communism and fascism. (Curiously enough Wikipropaganda and Webster have changed the definition of fascism to the domain of the far right. It’s a false dichotomy. All of the isms ultimately end in despostism, tyranny and failure. I’d say the only thing holding us together is the Federal Reserve and it infinite appetite for more fiat currency and the US fedgov largess.

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