I think it is: Time for new government in the U.S.A. (Instead of Venezuela)

This is how we start the process to overthrow a government around the world. The USA/Americans do not recognize the legitimacy of the government and so decide to over throw them for their own good. They then ultimately end up attacking in the name of USA and her righteousness as the only God Given Good on Earth and kill a bunch of people, as they stuff Democracy up their asses… They did the same in Syria, Ukraine, Libya and many more and look how well that they have all turned out. They did not turn out as anything but death and disaster…

Actions Against Venezuela’s Corrupt Regime: Press Statement by Michael R. Pompeo our Secretary of State in Washington, DC on January 10, 2019…

The United States condemns Maduro’s illegitimate usurpation of power today following the unfree and unfair elections he imposed on the Venezuelan people on May 20, 2018. The United States remains steadfast in its support of the Venezuelan people and will continue to use the full weight of U.S. economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy.

Today, we reiterate our support for Venezuela’s National Assembly, the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the Venezuelan people. It is time for Venezuela to begin a transitional process that can restore the constitutional, democratic order by holding free and fair elections that respect the will of the Venezuelan people.

To advance this goal, the United States has taken aggressive action against the Maduro regime and its enablers. Most recently, on January 8, the United States imposed sanctions on seven individuals and 23 entities involved in a corruption scheme to exploit Venezuela’s currency exchange practices. By rigging the system in their favor, these individuals and entities stole more than $2.4 billion as the Venezuelan people starved. We applaud the initiative by the new National Assembly leadership to work with the international community to recover these and other stolen funds and to use them to relieve the suffering of Venezuela’s people. The United States will continue to play an active role towards this end.

We also have implemented and will continue to impose visa revocations and other restrictions for current and former Venezuelan government officials and their family members believed to be responsible for or complicit in human rights abuses, acts of public corruption, and the undermining of democratic governance. We will not allow them to act without consequence or enjoy their ill-gotten gains in the United States – and urge other countries to act likewise.

It is time for Venezuelan leaders to make a choice. We urge those who support this regime, from every day employees getting by on food subsidies to the Venezuelan security forces sworn to support the constitution, to stop enabling repression and corruption and to work with the National Assembly and its duly elected leader, Juan Guaido, in accordance with your constitution on a peaceful return to democracy. The Venezuelan people and the international community will remember and judge your actions. Now is the time to convince the Maduro dictatorship that the moment has arrived for democracy to return to Venezuela.

Source: Actions Against Venezuela’s Corrupt Regime

I think it is: Time for new government in the U.S.A.

Are you tired of the Chaos? I am…

Pompeo is one of those Wannabe Napoleons I talk about…

The Schizophrenia West, lead by the U.S.


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