I think that this Putin meeting sums up the Gas issue real well in Europe

I have to say that there has been all kinds of speculation on Ukraine’s gas transit system and deliveries through this country. I would like to reiterate that under the contract we have to pump 40 billion cubic metres of gas through Ukraine’s gas transit system per year. In the first nine months of 2021, Gazprom increased its supplies, or should I say transit volumes through Ukraine, by more than eight percent. We have every right to believe that we will exceed our contractual obligations in terms of gas transit through Ukraine. Further increasing these volumes does not make economic sense for Gazprom, since costs will also be higher. It is much cheaper to supply gas using the new pipelines, saving us about $3 billion per year for the supply volumes in question. In addition, I would like to inform those who actually care about preserving the environment, instead of just using this as a political weapon, that the new pipelines that were launched over the past years or are about to become operational can reduce CO2 emissions 5.6 times thanks to their new equipment. Accordingly, supply volumes go up, while emissions go down. This has to do with the superior characteristics of these pipelines enabling them to pump gas at a higher pressure.Everyone must know this. – Source: Meeting on development of the energy industry • President of Russia

Mainly what has to be remembered is that the Ukraine gas pipeline is at max for its age and ability to safely carry gas. Ukraine has failed to upgrade its pipeline over the years and now it is a ticking time bomb waiting for the mistake to happen…

You should have all facts before pointing fingers and blaming all others…



“But one mustn’t increase it further. Everyone keeps hinting us: increase the supply through Ukraine even more. It is dangerous to increase it! The gas transit system there has not seen repairs for decades. If we increase the pressure, the pipe will probably just burst. Europe will be left without this route at all,” Putin noted.He explained that the wear of the Ukrainian gas transit system is above 80%.”Nobody wants to listen to and hear anything; everyone only seeks to accuse Russia of something,” the head of state concluded.

Source: Further increase of gas transit through Ukrainian system dangerous, Putin notes – Business & Economy – TASS

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