I Wanna be a Hurricane! You can be a Hurricane too!


Tropical Storm Kyle Forms In the Atlantic.

Looks like a Bad, Tough Storm To Me! 🙂

I have mixed feelings about my name being used to name a possible Hurricane. I think that it is cool, but what happens if it turns into the storm of the century and destroys half the world. I would really feel bad then….

MIAMI, Florida (AP) — The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Kyle has strengthened as it churns through the open Atlantic, south of Bermuda.

The storm’s maximum sustained winds have increased to 50 mph Thursday night. Forecasters say the storm could become a hurricane by Saturday as it moves north.

It’s centered about 555 miles south of Bermuda and is moving near 13 mph.

Forecasters expect the storm to continue moving north and strengthen over the next couple of days.

Kyle is the 11th named storm this season in the Atlantic. (Link)

So my wish is to be the baddest Hurricane that ever hit the earth, The Daddy of all Hurricanes. The Hurricane that stories will be written about for thousands of years….. (But no-one can die or be injured – sorta like a Hollywood movie that everyone lives through!)

Kinda a Catch-22…… My luck the Hurricane Kyle will sink the Bermuda Islands, push Cuba into Texas and send Florida to become part of Europe. (Ouch)

But according to the Weather People: Kyle is just going to become a Hurricane and head up to the New York and Maine area. (Oh well!)

I just saw a news report that Tropical Storm Kyle has killed 4 people in Puerto Rico. 🙁

Kyle & Svet

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