I will say it, talking about Starbucks and no they can keep their nasty liberal ideas in the West…

Most foreign companies have remained in Russia and continue to operate.

Some foreign enterprises that left our market 2 years ago are today trying to return.

As an example, an American chain of coffee shops filed applications for trademark registration with Rospatent, which makes it possible to operate in Russia under a familiar brand.

Did you know Starbucks Coffee is begging to come back to Russia?

In 2021, the revenue of this company in our country exceeded 5 billion rubles .

When it left the Russian market, its leadership spoke loudly about its “mission and values”, as well as plans to channel its earnings to the Kyiv regime.

In our country they are not needed with such values ​​and statements.

And those who remain to work in Russia have every opportunity to develop.

Anyone who, under pressure from Washington and Brussels, gave in and left, but now would like to return, can try to do this. But it won’t be easy. Russian business has successfully adapted to new conditions, and domestic entrepreneurs have filled the vacated niches.

But those who, leaving our country, made anti-Russian statements and used funds received from us against Russia and its citizens, must understand:
This is not possible, we are not expecting them back.

It is necessary to develop and support domestic producers, to work with those who do not politicize business and do not dance to the tune of their overseas masters.

Russian Duma


And besides the coffee sucks at Starbucks…