If Biden starts lecturing Putin it will be a very short meeting. I don’t think the Russians are in any mood to listen to rubbish…

ALMOUTH, England (CNN)President Joe Biden told a hangar of US troops on Wednesday he was in Europe to defend the very concept of democracy, setting high stakes for his first presidential trip abroad and warning Russian President Vladimir Putin he planned to raise touchy issues during their upcoming summit.

“I’m headed to the G7, then to the NATO ministerial and then to meet with Mr. Putin to let him know what I want him to know,” Biden said at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, England — home to an American refueling wing and the site of Biden’s first presidential speech on foreign soil.

Source: Biden warns he’ll tell Putin ‘what I want him to know’ as he defines goals of foreign tour – CNNPolitics

What is actually said: I (Biden) am going to whine like a child in a schoolyard, then I am going lie and tell everyone that I was heroically standing up to a bully. Then I am going to tell my mommy on him (Putin) for laughing at me!

Perhaps the best strategy for Putin is to cancel the meeting a day or two before, for a Siberian fishing trip…. Priorities, You Know?


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