If only there was a pipeline built just for this scenario – (Nord Stream 2)

I’ve been very focused on the current gas pipeline situation with regards to German/Ukrainian relations. The slow down of fuel is an obvious last attempt to secure western support. However they have switch tactics from being the poor invaded nation to economic blackmail…

If you do not know and most likely you don’t due to western censorship, Ukraine has intentionally stopped the flow of a pipeline of gas to Europe and they did it to instigate issues….they are mad at EU and want more money and weapons to steal…

Hmm…Ukraine mad at EU?

At this point of the conflict you’ll begin to see the less invested nations, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria Greece, Poland, attitudes start to shift towards neutral or even hostile. Only time will tell if a already weakened Germany will continue supporting Ukraine or keep the interest of her people in mind. Without this fuel prices will increase and industry will grind to a halt…

If only there was a pipeline built just for this scenario?


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