While the USA economy is consuming about 20 million or so barrels of oil per day, that means the “SPR” currently has enough crude to last just about 20 days (400 million barrels in the SPR), again more or less. That means if production and imports of all oil were somehow halted due to an emergency? Such as war! Then the SPR’s stocks which have already fallen to their lowest levels since the mid-1980s and at that time the usage of the USA oil was not near as high as now, means the USA would literally collapse as we watched from our kitchen window and the lights go off…

SPR = https://www.energy.gov/ceser/strategic-petroleum-reserve

Now they are getting ready to dump more oil from the SPR and try to lower oil prices just before elections in the USA. And as that will turn out? Not good…

$300 a barrel oil anyone? 😉


By Russian_Village

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