If you desire a purebred? Never allow a mutt to breed, you just get more mutts!

Mutt is when you are of doubtful pedigree!

~~ Ironic thing happened to the British Royalty! ~~

An American Mutt got into the British Blue Blood Royalty and now that Mutt is screaming racism +++ on Oprah! That will teach them to let American Mutts to mingle with Blue Bloods!

Did I say that? Yes and it is true, yet we all know Harry is part mutt also (a blue blood, red (mutt) blood mix)… ~~

You do not have to like what I say. Yet it is the truth if you want to keep the bloodline pure. We accept it with dogs and even cull dogs that do not make the grade. Yet somehow we have to look at it different when it comes to humans?

Interesting thing when we allow our lives to be like a soap opera. It all comes true!

Another interesting thing is that there is truth in what the mutts are claiming on USA TV. So now everything is crash control in the Royal inner workings…

I look at it all this way…

Harry and Megan are now able to officially become American Royalty and live out their fairy tale lives in the USA!

All hail; “The Mutt Royalty of the USA!”

Americans are basically all mutts anyway….I am!


A mutt is a person of a multi-racial background, depending on who you are talking to it can be considered offensive and/or derogatory. In a lot of cases people don’t take offense to it (I personally call myself a mutt all the time) Just be careful who you call a mutt, some people won’t take it very well.

Source: Urban Dictionary: mutt

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