Illegal sanctions against Russia by the USA keep piling up

I have mentioned time and time again about illegal sanctions constantly being put upon Russia by the USA. I have also said that these sanctions are an act of war. An act of war against any country that the USA puts them against, when the UN is not involved with the decision…

Now the USA tells other countries who they can hire and not hire!

“Another decision of the US authorities to impose sanctions against two Russian companies allegedly engaged in the employment of North Korean workers in our country is deplorable,” Zakharova said, noting that Washington does not support its accusations with any evidence.

Source: Moscow deplores US sanctions on 2 Russian firms allegedly helping North Korea – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

On top of these illegal sanctions already in place, illegally against what Gas Europe can buy or not buy…

In 2017, the US Congress adopted the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions act (CAATSA). It envisages the introduction of sanctions against companies involved in the Nord Stream-2 project.

In July 2020, the US Senate’s international relations committee supported a special bill on restrictions against contractors involved in laying the pipeline.

In October, US State Department published a statement that US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 may also cover companies providing services or funding to vessels involved in the project.

Source: German Business Association calls on US to lift sanctions against Nord Stream 2 – Business & Economy – TASS

These sanctions are on top of hundreds of sanctions, all illegal, against Russia…

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The USA Administration is plain nuts…


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