In Russia the 50th Open Water Winter Swimming Season of the “morzhi”!

Somewhere around a thousand years ago someone in Russia who liked cold water. Founded the tradition of diving into freezing cold water. This act was to cleanses himself of all his sins.

The idea has stuck over the years, and nowadays people all across Russia gather to plunge into sub-zero waters just for fun? Just watch the video if you do not believe me and be on the look out for the brave reporter in the video…

They call themselves “morzhi”, which means walruses, and say that the practice is good for the health. This tradition is done all over the world and in America we use to do this on New Years day and called our selves polar bears! Of course it was never -20 degrees Centigrade (-4 F.) below zero in Missouri where I lived at that time. 🙂

You going to be ice swimming this year?

Windows to Russia!
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PS: I read that some people seem to think that hot tubs does a better job of cleaning the sins????