In Russia: Mars Candy Company Will Make Pet Food! (Or is it the other way around?)

I always have found it strange that candy and food manufacturers also produce pet foods. It makes sense in a way but since I was a director of food service for many many years. The thought that the same food humans eat, being produced by pet food manufacturers, seemed to put a funny feeling down my spine…

Global company Mars is to produce pet food in Russia’s Volga city of Ulyanovsk, the region’s governor Sergei Morozov told RIA Novosti.

Today Mars launched its first production line turning out pet food in the Ulyanovsk Region,” Morozov said, adding that total investment in the project was over 1.5 billion rubles (around $47 million) which would generate around $9.5 million in taxes for the local budget. (Link)

Lets see what else the company Mars makes. They make the Mars bar one of the most popular candy bars in the world. Yummy! They are good… But does pet food go with a candy bar? I thought chocolate was bad for dogs?

Next we have something we all know and love – M and M’s. Some people think that the M and M guys are pets though, so maybe that is a connection?

Oh – I love this rice and used it extensively in food service. It is a high quality product and virtually fool proof – add red beans, crushed red pepper and what a meal! They make Uncle Ben’s if you did not know…

Does this look like Pet food?

Hey we found pet food and what hungry kitty would pass up real rabbit kitty chow? They make Whiskas cat food if you did not know…

And just for the dogs we have Pedigree! I know our dog loves this brand and there is no chocolate in it…

Kidding aside – The company also makes many many more items they have a line up that includes snacks, drinks, pets and foods!

Did you know that Mars had 7 of the top 20 candy bars in the world? Too find out about Mars company follow this link… (Link)

I am glad that Mars trusts Russia enough to continue their growth here. More companies need to follow their path and they will find out that Russia is a fantastic market for growth!

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