In Russia they do not have Snow Men they have Snow Women!

I was drinking my coffee today and Svet came back in from walking the dog! It had been snowing like crazy and Svet took some pictures of her walk…

In Russia they do not have snow men they have snow women! They call them snezhnaya baba (снежная баба). Today was the first day that the snow has been really good to make snow women, normally the snow is so dry and cold that it does not stick together. But with the temperature changing, the snow is wet…

Russians take serious advantage of the correct temperature to make a snow woman. This means young and old alike get out and start rolling huge snowballs to build their favorite snow woman….tidbit time; In Russia I come to understand that when you use the term “snowman” it means you are talking about Yeti and or the Abominable Snowman. Thus when a family makes a snowman, they are making a snow woman….makes sense to me…

Russians are everywhere today with their kids making snow women…
The snow women are even made in miniature on the picnic tables.
They come in pairs!
They look like Hares (rabbits)!
They take lots of time and work!
They even come in male and Female!
The kids (old and young) have a blast!
They come sculptured!
They look like animals!
They even greet you on your path!

So Svet had a good walk while I stayed home. Looks like I missed a very fun walk and wish I had gone…