In Russia We Make Due With What We Have!

Hey Everyone,

We were drinking our morning cups of coffee and tea. This was an extra special morning because we had our first morning on our new table that we built. Did I say that we built a table?

Here in Russia Svet and I are not rich, contrary to many people’s beliefs. We just make ends meet and just because I am an American does not mean that I have a vast wealth sitting in the bank. (Most Americans do not!)

So we use our creative minds and help along our ability to live like the middle class. 🙂

These pictures are of our new table that we built. It was made from the front door of flat (apartment) number 39 on the 8th floor. They tossed it out after replacing their door with a expensive fancy model. The last picture is our door after I have started to work on it. It no longer is it a clanging sounding door (insulation works wonders) and is solid as any steel door could be. I still have to get a gold number 2 to put on it as that is our flat – number 2.

See the number 39 and tape on a sharp corner to help in cuts to legs and table cloths… (trying to figure out to cut the hinge off)
Now I have a huge table to fix the house from and cook dinner from. Life just went to the next level of comfort…
Shiny black door – You would never know that it was a gray plain door now…
Svet and I are proud of our table and Svet got to help build it. She was so proud that she took pictures of it while being built. I will get those pictures and post them later, most likely in the photo blog.

That coffee sure was good this morning… 🙂

Windows to Russia!
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