India-Russia Relations in the Emerging World Order by K.B. Usha

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The fifteenth India-Russia annual summit took place in a fast changing global geopolitical scenario and in a challenging moment in world politics. India and Russia emerged as vital strategic partners representing global transformation from a unipolar world order dominated by one centre to a multipolar order based on multilateralism, principles of UN Charter, non-intervention, cooperation, convergence of national interests, mutual understanding and trust. This is because of the perceived failures of the American “unipolar moment”, which is guided by the principles of pre-emptive strikes, regime change, disarmament and intervention. After twenty-five years of Soviet disintegration, the current geopolitical realities like rift in the US-Russia-Europe relations over Ukraine conflict, global oil crisis, economic crisis, Euro zone crisis, conflict in West Asia, NATO military build-up and expansion to Russia’s border, escalation of terrorist attacks in Europe, emergence of BRICS countries, Russia’s shifting priorities to Asia-Pacific, commencement of Eurasian Economic Union, and shifting power alignments from west to east expose the dangers of unilateralism and reflect a paradigm shift in the world order. (Worth reading link below!)

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