Inside is What Counts!

When I was 6 years old my grandpa who loved bananas, explained to me about bananas. It was something like this:

Grandpa looked at bananas three different ways.
First is when they are green. You know in your mind what a banana tastes like and you always try to eat them a little bit green. They just are not good green and grandpa said they were actually bad for you at this stage. 🙁
Second is when they are yellow all over, look perfect and taste great. This is the way most people like them. Grandpa said that they still were not good for you at this stage.
Third is when the skin has turned almost black and they are unbelievably sweet and delicious!
Grandpa was the third type of guy. That banana was no good until the skin was black and the banana was ripe.
He explained that a banana was not correct to eat until it had properly ripened and to eat it before that point was a crime. 🙂
Grandpa said that bananas were like people and you have to look below the surface.
I took his word on all this and sat on his lap many years eating those black bananas. I was always amazed when he would peel the banana and it was virtually perfect inside. (maybe a few brown spots) He would give me half and he took half. Those were bananas that made life…
It was not until later in my life that I realized that most people around me could not muster up the courage to eat a banana that was very ripe. They just turned their head and went yuck!
They never knew that a banana could be so wonderful and sweet! Oh they knew that bananas were good and that they loved bananas, but they never could get past the over ripe look and outward appearance.
Seems that is a common state of affairs in the world. If it does meet the social, physical and political standards then it is bad. So bad that we can not attempt to try it…
Why have I brought this up? That is a good question and you betcha that it has to do with Russia!
Russia has been painted to have that same brown and black skin that a overripe banana has. The Western press has successfully made sure that you have an altered view of Russia that might as well be a black banana sitting on the table.
Now a ripe banana has good uses and one of them is banana bread or muffins. But this is just par with Russia because all that does is put a facade on a delicious ripe banana so that you will eat it.
No one in the West is going to enjoy the banana at its best, except a handful of people that are capable of seeing below the surface…
I am glad that I am one of those people!
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