Is it Becoming Harder to be an Expat in Russia?

As in the whole world, companies in Russia have resorted to job cuts over the past twelve months to stay afloat! Foreign workers were hit hard by these cuts and more than two thirds of expats in Russia have lost their jobs and have had to go home…

The brunt of these expats are upper management with big corporations, that “trimmed the fat” so to speak. Russia has a much better trained management core of workers now than they did even a few years ago. So the need for expats to consultant and train is virtually non existent.

This was an inevitable situation, even with out the financial crises. I have done multiple studies and reports on what I call the McDonald’s Syndrome. One of the by products of a McDonald’s society is a huge influx of well trained management due to an extensive management training program that McDonald’s incorporates in societies that they flourish in. This management team can spread to all aspects of the society and as such, diminish the need for outside influence in the respective fields.

The question that I have and will be studying is: Will these jobs come back in time or are they lost forever? (I hedge on forever!)

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