Is the system actually collapsing? Or did the worlds equilibrium become skewed?

What is happening?

That is a good question to ask and you cannot ask the Main Stream Media. The MSM everywhere in the world is bought and paid for. You can’t ask the talking heads. You can’t ask the politicians. You can’t ask the scientist. You can’t ask the financial experts. You definitely can’t ask the plebs. It has been this way forever and will not change in that aspect until the system as we know it stabilizes and becomes a predictable system again…

I have a an ideal or hypothetical set of thoughts:

I am not convinced yet that the system is actually collapsing! I am more and more convinced that it is naturally adjusting to stabilize itself against the guards that have done too many drugs and no longer are responsible enough to continue guarding it…

I am convinced that the guard of the system is changing and it has to change….for when the old guard became a glorified evil gay transgender woke environmentalist of chaos, hate and lies? Something had to replace the broken guard. The old guard walked a path of liberal psycho narcissism and right out of a job. Why? What drove that guard to follow a path so immoral, so evil and so financially irresponsible?

So yes, to some (the west) the sky is falling and yet to so many others (the east), the sky is getting clear and sunny!

To myself? I see wonderment and the fact that in real-time I am watching the world metamorphosing more than ever in my life span, has peaked my interest as to wanting to live more than long enough to see the outcome of said metamorphosis. I am happy to watch history unfolding, even if a repeat, but I am alive to experience this unfolding of history. As in simpleness: “That’s cool dude!”

The system? What does the system mean in definition?

Define system: system: [noun] a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole : such as. a group of interacting bodies under the influence of related forces. an assemblage of substances that is in or tends to equilibrium…

Interesting it is actually related to equilibrium?

The worlds equilibrium has become skewed…


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