Is Your McDonald’s going Green? (They soon will in Russia!)

The local TV news sources in Moscow have been talking about McDonald’s in Europe which evidently is going to include Moscow, Russia – that McDonald’s is going green – literally!

This news in Russia is following a story from Germany where about 100 McDonald’s are getting the green face lift. The information floating about says that McDonald’s will start having a veggy menu and will practice the “Green Movement”.

The big question in Russia is why? (Looks like a lot of money being spent for redecorating…)

The New Green McDonald’s will encompass all of Europe by the end of 2010. The standard red and yellow colors of the fast food trademark will be replaced with green and yellow colors as well as the menu will go “Green”. The Green McDonald’s will hit Russia next year, but experts are skeptical about the new trend, ( )

Looks like McDonald’s which is the 27th most “Green” company is going all out to make themselves really green… (Literally)

Windows to Russia!
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