Israel: Likes Vladimir Vysotsky!


The idea of this article came to me several days ago when I came at work and one of my colleagues played music on his computer. What it was – something good, what I knew before – but I could not recognize any words. Of course, that was not Russian or English words. I listened a little bit and realized – that was songs of Vladimir Vysotsky but his songs were translated on Hebrew!

Vysotsky wrote that there is a quatrain of Israel people are from here (Soviet Union). And people who came to Israel did not want to forget our culture. They kept “bard songs” and even translated the songs to Hebrew. I don’t know but after translation the song got something very special what take your heart and does not allow your heart back. That is at least my feeling about this translated songs. Maybe that’s my Jewish quarter, that talks to me about Eternity. Who knows…

Today is 25th of January: birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky. He would be 70 today, he died 27 years ago. He died but people still love his songs they translate and sing them on different languages ( Here is a link where you can get a lot of information about Vysotsky and his original songs:

More translations,

And here I’ll give you to listen my favorite song of him. This song is from his “Mountain circle”. And we will listen to the song in Hebrew!

You want to know what the song is about. Find a language what you know and follow the link. Don’t forget to listen to the original Vysotsky’s song – just click on the note’s sign at page with translation.

Горная лирическая

Български Лирична песен за алпийската стена Анна Колчакова 1990
български Надежда Асен Сираков 1987
български Планинска лирична Асен Сираков 1989
čeština NadějeJana Moravcová 1988
English A Day Akbar Ali Muhammad
English So there, the tremor left my hands… Andrey Kneller
English To a summit Natalie Golightly 2000
English To the top George Tokarev 2001
English Well, now, my hands don’t shake at all… Alec Vagapov 1999
français Vers les cimes
français Vers les cimes Sarah Struve
בריתאל הפסגהאלכסנדר בלפר
עבריתצמרמורתיונתן גפן1990
italiano È cessato il tremito delle mani Silvana Aversa 1992
Naar de top Hans Sleurink 1997
norsk Mot toppen Jørn Simen Øverli 1989
polski I oto znikło drżenie rąk… Paweł Orkisz 2005
polski Na szczyt
polski Ustąpił dreszcz… Jan Słowiński
svenska Mot toppen Ola & Carsten Palmær 1986
lietuvių Pradingo drebulys Irena
Aršauskienė 2001
español De las montañas lírica Illya Gendler 2007

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